Backyard Rodeo Box


This year, there's a bumper crop of western hospitality waiting to be released, and we've got the perfect way to spread the good vibes! The Backyard Rodeo Box makes an excellent team or client gift, and comes with the following Stampede-week essentials:

Buttermilk Original Pancake & Waffle Mix (500g / 10 pancakes/waffles)

Buttermilk Camper's Classic Just-Add-Water Pancake Mix (500g / 10 pancakes)

Five '21 Roasters Dirt Circus Roast Limited-Edition (400g)

Fertile Creek Craft Maple Syrup (375ml)

Looking to place a bulk order, or hoping to customize the box with a few more items? Send us an email at sfriley@buttermilkfinewaffles.com

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