Weekend Activities Children's Box


This box was designed with the express purpose of filling a weekend morning with food, activities and games to keep the family entertained. The box itself folds out into a large board game - a version of Snakes & Ladders that we dubbed "Waffle Factory" - designed by local artist Evan Brien (@sunrype.ron). Inside the box, you'll find:

  • Two paintable waffle cookies by Calgary's Yours Truly Cookies
  • Hand-painted milk and white chocolate shards from Calgary's Ten Degrees Chocolates
  • A tin of Martin Picard maple dulce de leche for spreading on pancakes or waffles
  • A flask of Quebec maple syrup
  • Buttermilk's Cream of Earl Grey tea
  • A jar of Dutch hard candies - butterscotch waffles and sour raspberries
  • A pouch of Buttermilk's Original Pancake & Waffle Mix - Makes 10 pancakes or waffles!

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